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Silver Side Corner: Mentor Ranger Debate
*It’s a usual day in the Team Toku Riders recording studio as Silver, KKD, and TB are all playing some Cards Against Humanity*
KKD: How’d you get me into this game again?
Silver: C’mon, it’ll be fun. Hey, you guys heard about that Space Squad movie? Man, that’s gonna be so awesome! It’ll be great to see the Dekarangers again!
TB: I heard that it’ll also be very dark concerning the Episode Zero short film’s Edge of Tomorrow like scenario.
KKD: I guess… not usually keen on darker shows, but if it works, it works.
Silver: I hope we’ll see the original Gavan team up with DekaMaster! Seriously, the greatest mentor ranger teaming up with Faizing Kenji Oba! It’s so awesome!!
KKD: Wait, Kruger’s great and all, but Torin’s still a more awesome mentor Ranger as KyoryuSilver.
Silver: *scoffs* Ha! Puh-lease. Even if Torin is a good mentor, you can’t beat the OG! The D-Sword Vega would cut his Feather Edge clean. In
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Toku Rider Taisen Epilogue: Kamen Rider Yongou
*Silver is sitting in one of the Team Toku Riders recording studios, rewatching Super Hero Taisen GP*
TB: *walks in, whistling* Oh, hey dude. Whatcha doin?
Silver: Rewatching GP. Y’know, even after the sh*t show that was a majority of the Super Hero Taisen movies, I’m glad I was able to find this gem.
TB: What about Z?
Silver: *scoffs* What ABOUT Z?
TB: It wasn’t that bad either.
Silver: Compared to the other two, yes, but it was still mediocre.
TB: Touche. Though, the fact that Mach died in GP still bothers me. First of all, *clips from later episodes of Drive pop up* that was all a complete lie. Second of all, I don’t think this movie is canon with Drive’s continuity.
Silver: Well… they apparently made a follow-up to GP, based on the after-credits scene shown at the end, which actually went somewhere compared to the Kikaider teaser at the end of Z that amounted to nothing besides the reboot movie.
TB: And Gaim teaming up with Kikaider, but that
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Silver Side Corner: Top 10 Movie-Exclusive Riders
Silver: Hey, all. Once again, we’re here for another Silver Side Corner. I’m Silver Maxus, and… *hears someone shouting* Uh… what the heck-?
TB: FOOT DIVE, MUTHAFAIZA~!!! *TB suddenly comes in, doing a dive kick towards Silver*
Silver: Oh sh*yay!*! *dodges out of the way, with Tetsu phasing into Silver so he can turn into a laser beam to dodge*
TB: *hits the ground, causing a huge crater, before throwing up his hands* Uchuu Kitaa~!! *looks around* Eh? Silver?
Silver: Jesus, dude! Overkill much?! *Silver walks back onscreen*
TB: Not so fun when you’re on the other end, is it?
Silver: Oh, shut up. I could sue you for stealing my gag, y’know. -_-
TB: Sue me how. Fanfiction court? XD
Silver: No. Like this. *snaps his fingers, before TB shows up in court, being tried by Phoenix Wright*
TB: ...This ain’t right.
-One Court Case Later-
TB: Well, that went nowhere.
Silver: So, you gonna pull that stunt again, or do I have to get the fish?
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Silver Side Corner: Top 15 Blinx Level Themes
Hey, all. Silver here. And welcome to another edition of Silver’s Side Corner, where I give side thoughts about something that’s not in a review format. Now, as many of you know, one of my favorite childhood games is a series by the name of Blinx the Time Sweeper. I cannot tell you how many times I have replayed these games. I love them all to death! And with Blinx turning 15 this year, I decided I want to do a countdown about my favorite time-manipulating feline.
Now, music in a video game is one of the most important things to me. Music can just get you into that perfect mood, and Blinx is no different. Both games in the series have absolutely phenomenal music that I could just go back and listen to on repeat. And it just so happens that there are exactly 15 stage themes to talk about. Thus, this is my list of the top 15 Level Tracks in Blinx the Time Sweeper and its sequel, Masters of Time and Space.
Now, a few honorable mentions before we start, as these songs aren
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Kamen Rider Decade Review Part 1: Decade/Kuuga
*KKD is sitting in the recording studio, doing some artwork and script-writing, going back and forth between each. However, he hears a train whistle come from outside*
KKD: What the? Denliner? *KKD looks outside, seeing a giant train rush in, which he recognizes as the Rail Rescues from Lightspeed Rescue* Ok, maybe not.
??: All aboard! *KKD looks up and quickly sidesteps as Silver does a superhero landing on the ground where he was gonna be*
KKD: Silver? What’re you doing here?
Silver: I mean, I also use these recording studios. So, wanna head on a bit of a dimension hopping adventure? I just found my replica Rail Rescue/GoLiner train earlier. It can’t become a Megazord, but it does have a built-in Distortion Manipulator.
KKD: Oh, cool. Let’s just make sure we don’t ruin the fabric of the multiverse doing so.
Silver: What, like Decade did? Y’know, I still need to watch that season. I’d like to get my own opinion on it.
KKD: I’m guessing that
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Toku Rider Taisen Part 5: Kamen Rider Ichigou
TB: ...We’re not reviewing Kamen Rider Yongou?
Silver: It wasn’t in the list, and it’s almost New Year’s Eve. If we don’t review the last movie that the Ganninezers wanted me to review, then who knows what’ll happen!
TB: What? I thought it was all over and done with after reviewing Super Hero Taisen GP.
Silver: Nope. They also wanted me to review Kamen Rider Ichigou as well. Strange that movie out of all things…
TB: I heard that you’ve been dreading this movie.
Silver: Well, I’ve heard from people it’s kinda… well… ugh? Besides, it has Ghost in it, and while I like Ghost… his series was pretty bad… I personally find that series a guilty pleasure.
TB: I only watched the first five episodes before I lost interest in it. Good thing I didn’t continue after hearing you say it was bad.
Silver: It was kinda wasted potential. Anyways, shall we dive into this movie full force?
TB: More torture? ...Why not.
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Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special Review
Silver: Ready?
TB: As ready as I am for anything.
Silver/TB: SHOWTIME! *suddenly, everything lights up, showing the recording studio completely decked out with christmas lights, a tree, an Eggnog dispenser, and presents*
Silver: Merry Christmas, everybody! And what fine thing are we reviewing for Christmas Day? Well, if the title wasn’t obvious enough… Tetsu, claws out! *Tetsu suddenly flies in, the Laser Wisp going inside Silver before the reviewer changes into a silvery version of Cat Noir* Yep, it’s time for the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special!
TB: I’ve actually seen the first few episodes of Miraculous Ladybug and it’s… actually pretty cool. The characters are fun and adorable, the comedy’s hit and miss, and the action is amusing as well. For those of you unaware of this show…
Silver: All two of you who read my reviews…
TB: But hey, we’ll be generous. Miraculous Ladybug is a 3D French TV Series about a girl named Mari
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Toku Rider Taisen Part 4: Super Hero Taisen GP
Studio Brony Presents…
A Silver Studios Production…
-California. Date: November 2016-

*In a recording studio nearby his house*
KKD: Well… I guess it’s time to get ready for another day of reviews and stories… *KKD suddenly gets a call on his K-Taros phone (from Kamen Rider Den-O) before picking it up* Moshi-moshi? (Hello?)
Pikatwig: *over his Go-Phone (from Engine Sentai Go-Onger)* Hey. Uh… I know we’re supposed to be doing something arguably more important, but I just remembered to tell you that Silver and TB are lost in time… maybe dimensions… and you know Doctor Who stuff…
KKD: Oh boy… this is gonna be really painful… why must they drag us into this thing? *groans as he puts on his Den-O Terminal Belt and grabs his Rider Pass* Let’s get this over with; the sooner we get our cameos done the better.
Pikatwig: Uh… what?
KKD: Ikuze! *exits the door, showing the sands of time outside*
*Pikatwig jus
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Toku Rider Taisen Part 3: Kamen Rider Taisen (2/2)
Previously on Toku Rider Taisen…
Pikatwig: Hello?
Silver: Listen… I’m in a bit of a pickle.
Pikatwig: Kamen Rider Taisen?
TB: Those Gannenizers are going to tear us apart and all you two wanna do is fight?!
Skyrider: I AM AMAZON~!!
TB: Oh you’ve gotta be sh*tting me!
Silver: Why would you even say that?!
?: Rider… Taisen.
Toku Rider Taisen! Part 3.II: The Great Battle's Conclusion! Toku Rider's Final Stand
Silver: Alright! So we’re back once again! I am of course, Silver Maxus, joined with Pikatwig and TokuBrony, and we were just about in the middle of Kamen Rider Taisen.
TB: Anyways, we just left off with a meeting of the villains as the battle is taking place.
Pikatwig: And with them, we see the appearance of… General Schwarz from ToQger? ...Ok. 1. Zawame was stated to have NO Shadow Line issues whatsoever, so how did he get here?! 2. Why is he the only Shadow Line villain we see in this movie? 3. Why is he the only SENTA
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Toku Rider Taisen Part 3: Kamen Rider Taisen (1/2)
*Pikatwig is working on some writing before being called on a Go-Phone from Engine Sentai Go-Onger. (known in America as Power Rangers RPM)*
Pikatwig: Oh. *picks it up* Hello?
*Silver is on the other line, calling using the Call Mode of the Morphin’ Brace from Go-Busters*
Silver: Yo, dude. Listen… I’m in a bit of a pickle.
Pikatwig: Uh-huh… What’s the problem?
Silver: Well… there are these weird-ass spirits that are trying to kill me that take on the form of Dark Riders and are possessing the four Super Hero Taisen movies. *hears a shudder sound* Uh… What’s wrong?
Pikatwig: Nothing. ...Nothing big…
Silver: Right… anyways, we’ve taken down two movies and beaten 4 of the Ganninezers so far… that’s what they’re called, by the way. They took on the forms of the Dark Riders of the past 9 Rider series… though some of them take MAJOR liberties, like using Kamen Rider Icarus, whose novel-exclusive, and Da
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Toku Rider Taisen Part 2: Super Hero Taisen Z
*Silver and TB are hanging out in the Team Toku Riders recording studio, Silver studying the new Lockseed he got in the last review*
Silver: So… why the heck did I end up getting a Fourze Lockseed? Wasn’t that whole thing just a figment of my imagination? And why a Lockseed? Gaim wasn’t even in the first movie.
TB: Was it because you had an epiphany or something?
Silver: I guess. It’s just really confusing, though. Maybe it has to do with the Ganninezers...
TB: You know what, after the disappointment of the first Super Hero Taisen, how about we watch and review something good for once. Something that’s not nearly as terrible.
Silver: Define good…
TB: There’s… Super Hero Taisen Z…
Silver: *rolls his eyes* Seriously? How can the sequel be better? All it is is the same movie but in Space.
Space Core: SPAAAAAAAAAAA-!! *gets shot by Silver’s Ichigan Buster*
Silver: Shut it, Space Core!
TB: I’ll tell you one thing, and it
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Toku Rider Taisen Part 1: Super Hero Taisen Review
*In one of the usual Team Toku Riders recording booths, Silver is working on the script for his latest review*
Silver: Alright… so, what sort of joke should I make for that weird elephant robot kamikaze attack… *suddenly, a flash of light blinds Silver, as 9 weird stone tablets appear out of nowhere, looking similar to the Gammaizers from Kamen Rider Ghost* What the hell-?
*suddenly, the tablets change into Dark Riders from the past 8 seasons of Kamen Rider (Dark Ghost, “Dark” Drive, Bujin Gaim, Sorcerer, Icarus (though that one is really hard to see), Poseidon, Eternal, and Decade Violent Emotion) as well as Kamen Rider Genmu*
Genmu?: We are the Ganninezers. We are the embodiments of the history of Kamen Rider.
Silver: Gan...ninezers? What kind of crappy name is that?! It’s like you came out of a bad fanfiction! And why are there only 9 of you if you represent 45 years of Kamen Rider?
Eternal?: Silence, mortal! You have disgraced us by not reviewing anyth
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Cutie Re-Mark Review
Silver: *is watching the small trailer for the season 6 premiere before seeing Starlight Glimmer* Ugh! Her again… why does she have to be a mainstay in the series? Geez… Y’know, I didn’t like her change to good in the first place because it felt so forced, and now she is in the main cast for real?! UGH!! Y’know what, this needs a review in it of itself… let’s see… who should I collab with on this? *looks through the list of writing partners* Hmm… haven’t done too much with Sean, so why not. *presses the button for Seanzilla before jumping into the air*
SZ: *looks through various PS3 games* hmm...what to play...One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, Kingdom Hearts 2.5...hmm…*hears something falling from the sky* eh?
Silver: RIDER KICK!!! *lands on top of Sean*
SZ: Oof! *groans a bit before i look up to see Silver*0-o..S...Silver?! What the faiz?!
Silver: Sorry, had to keep the running gag ali
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Miraculous Ladybug: Timebreaker Review
Pikatwig: *looks at the portable hard drive in annoyance.* ...well… this March already blows. *sets it aside, before hearing some kind of yelling in the distance.* ...better go see wha-
Silver: CATACLYSM~!! *accidentally lands on top of Pikatwig*
Pikatwig: Oof! *groans and then moves Silver off with a Sonic Arrow*
Silver: *does a Goofy Scream before landing on his head, before falling down* Wowzers.
Pikatwig: I know how Noire feels. *looks up at Silver* Oh hey. Didn’t expect to see you in my studio.
Silver:  Yeah. Sorry. It’s kinda a running gag now that I land on top of my collab partners, namely Senpai. Anyways, long time no see.
Sonic: *runs by* Hey, that’s my line!
Silver: ...random.
Pikatwig: Yea.
Silver: I mean, at least it’s not as random as Kamen Rider Joker, Kamen Rider Chalice, and Reyn from Xenoblade showing up everytime I call you guys a ‘buncha jokahs’.
Pikatwig: *looks and sees nobody* k… well, here’s hopin
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Cutie Markless Review
Hey, guys, it's Silver here. So, a few months ago my friends KKD Silver, Seanzilla and I made a written review for the season 5 opener, which unfortunately kept getting delayed and was left un-posted. However, I decided to fix that. As a note, we wrote this during the season 5 hiatus, so there are no mentions to the finale... that'll come later at some point. Anyways, enjoy!
KKD: *sighs in boredom as he finished a plate of ribs.* ...Bored… *suddenly, faint shouting is heard* ...What the Fai-?
Silver: BANZAI~! *lands on top of KKD* And he sticks the landing!
KKD: Yea… on my chest. Now will ya GET OFF! *Shoves Silver off*
Silver: Whoa!! *falls on the ground with a thud* Ow... Sorry, Sempai. Guess I got a little ahead of myself. So, heard you were doing reviews now. There’s one I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I was wondering if you’d like to team up.
KKD: Well, I finished lunch a while ago, so… I guess so. What did you wanna talk about?
*Silver t
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Xenoblade X: Alien Business by silvermaxus253 Xenoblade X: Alien Business :iconsilvermaxus253:silvermaxus253 3 12


Legend of Zelda: Great Fairy by daisyein Legend of Zelda: Great Fairy :icondaisyein:daisyein 113 12 Book of Dragons - Page 09 (Pack 01) by playfurry Book of Dragons - Page 09 (Pack 01) :iconplayfurry:playfurry 239 9 Byzil on The Rocks by The-SixthLeafClover Byzil on The Rocks :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 1,152 51 Commission: A Great Moment by All0412 Commission: A Great Moment :iconall0412:All0412 80 5 Happy Birthday Steven! by NekoOtaku24 Happy Birthday Steven! :iconnekootaku24:NekoOtaku24 34 9 Miraculous Ladybug by magion02 Miraculous Ladybug :iconmagion02:magion02 2,055 42 Twilight Gal by astoralexander Twilight Gal :iconastoralexander:astoralexander 1,253 48 Kamen Rider Omnitrix (Redesign) by KururuLabo Kamen Rider Omnitrix (Redesign) :iconkururulabo:KururuLabo 155 38 Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste by hadonosanyosan Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste :iconhadonosanyosan:hadonosanyosan 29 19 Miraculous Ladybug/Marinette by hadonosanyosan Miraculous Ladybug/Marinette :iconhadonosanyosan:hadonosanyosan 15 3 Renatarsu by Jhonny-Manic Renatarsu :iconjhonny-manic:Jhonny-Manic 305 44 Leave me alone!! by The-SilentNight Leave me alone!! :iconthe-silentnight:The-SilentNight 6 3 Swap Earrings Concept by midorimushiG Swap Earrings Concept :iconmidorimushig:midorimushiG 160 115 Rainbow Dash Human Version by lancercross Rainbow Dash Human Version :iconlancercross:lancercross 436 59 Rosalina in persona style  by Omar-Dogan Rosalina in persona style :iconomar-dogan:Omar-Dogan 1,196 40 Sonic Skyline by Drawloverlala Sonic Skyline :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 3,799 795



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Hello, all. My name is Silver (no, that is not my real name), and I am a fanfiction writer and a bit of a novice artist. Hope you enjoy anything that I put out there. ^^


*It’s a usual day in the Team Toku Riders recording studio as Silver, KKD, and TB are all playing some Cards Against Humanity*

KKD: How’d you get me into this game again?

Silver: C’mon, it’ll be fun. Hey, you guys heard about that Space Squad movie? Man, that’s gonna be so awesome! It’ll be great to see the Dekarangers again!

TB: I heard that it’ll also be very dark concerning the Episode Zero short film’s Edge of Tomorrow like scenario.

KKD: I guess… not usually keen on darker shows, but if it works, it works.

Silver: I hope we’ll see the original Gavan team up with DekaMaster! Seriously, the greatest mentor ranger teaming up with Faizing Kenji Oba! It’s so awesome!!

KKD: Wait, Kruger’s great and all, but Torin’s still a more awesome mentor Ranger as KyoryuSilver.

Silver: *scoffs* Ha! Puh-lease. Even if Torin is a good mentor, you can’t beat the OG! The D-Sword Vega would cut his Feather Edge clean. In. Half!

KKD: Says the guy who is denying how Torin fought alongside dinosaurs and saved the freaking human race from extinction!

Silver: Yeah, but he’s also the one who got himself stabbed in the back by his own ally. Even if it was a ruse, he still died. Doggie Kruger is the best mentor, and you know it!

KKD: Just because he died, doesn’t diminish his awesomeness! Heck, when they adapted him into Power Rangers, they KEPT him as the Silver Ranger instead of pulling the stupid move of handing the role over to Red’s dad. Torin is the best since he did sacrifice his life for what he fought for.

TB: Don’t count Ryuu Commander out just yet. He had to overcome the limits of his device as well as his own insecurities to finally work alongside his own Kyuurangers who weren’t bound to make the same mistakes he did.

Silver: 100 Anaroids in less than a minute. I’d like to see Ryuu Commander or KyoryuSilver pull off THAT sort of s*Yay!*t!

KKD: Well KyoryuSilver fought his dark counterpart and mopped the floor with him after everyone else on his team were losing to the guy horribly!

TB: Ryuu Commander actually managed to kill off an assassin who was powerful enough to destroy planets! Sure, she came back with a different personality like a Time Lord, but still!

Silver: ...we’re never gonna agree on this, are we?

KKD: I’m not sure.

Silver: *sigh* Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do.


Silver: Hello, everybody, this is Silver Maxus here, the Radiant Rider, and welcome back to another Silver Side Corner with two of my fellow Team Toku Riders teammates. One you already have seen on Silver Side Corner with TokuBrony, whereas the other is my good friend and Senpai, KKD Silver.

KKD: Been a while since I was here.

TB: Same here. Well, this is a little different. It’s like we’re doing our own little Death Battle here.

Silver: Well, technically. Sure, we’ll be looking at their weapons, armor, skills, and achievements to see who’s arguably the best… but we don’t really have the budget to make a full on sprite duel for these three characters.

TB: We barely have enough budget to ask permission from Toei itself, let alone keeping OUR studios consistent.

Silver: As such, we’ll ask you, the audience, for your opinion on who you think is the best out of the three.

KKD: We’ll let you know what we think, and you guys can tell us who is the best mentor senshi out there.

Silver: And since this isn’t a Death Battle, we can put more of our personal connections with the three mentors into it, like how we felt when we first saw them on the silver screen.

TB: Silver will talk about DekaMaster, KKD will talk about KyoryuSilver, and I will talk about Ryuu Commander. We’ll all talk about each other’s picks as well, but we will leave it up to you, our readers, to vote.

KKD: With that being said, why don’t we kick things off?
(Yo, your turn.))
Silver: Sure thing. Since DekaMaster was the first of the three, mind if I talk about him first?

TB: Be our guest.

Silver: Okay. Let’s start this off!



Silver: The leader of SPD Earth Branch, Anubis Seijin Doggie Kruger is known as one of the strongest officers in Dekaranger. He is a legend among the space police of the series, earning himself the nickname of “Jigoku no Banken”, meaning “Hell’s Guard Dog”.

TB: I’m gonna get this out right now, most of my memories of Kruger comes from the Power Rangers SPD version. But they are essentially the same character, right?

Silver: Well… kinda. Kruger in Power Rangers does have a bit more of a tragic past that OG Kruger, but it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other.

TB: Yeah, I think Kruger is the best mentor in Power Rangers. Yeah, even better than Zordon.

KKD: Can’t argue with that one. He’s one of the most developed in my eyes in terms of SPD, aside from Sky, but that’s another story.

Silver: Yeah, makes sense. Anyways, Kruger is able to change into his Ranger form, DekaMaster, and serves as the main leader for the Dekarangers. He uses Ginga Ittoryu, or Galaxy Single Sword Style, which he is able to use to superb ability with his trusty weapon, the D-Sword Vega, a sword that when unsheathed REMOVES ALL RUST FROM ITS BLADE! Holy Faiz, that is so cool!

TB: It’s Japan, of course it will be overpowering. And thus this sword is capable of cutting through anything, and according to the Dekaranger movie, he can even FIRE OUT OF HIS SWORD LIKE A GUN!!

KKD: Doesn’t make as much sense, but then again, Super Sentai doesn’t always make sense when compared to reality and it is cool.

Silver: Indeed. Interestingly enough, though, the D-Sword Vega isn’t the only sword of its kind, as a similar sword held by a former friend of Doggie exists known as the Sword Altair… heh, I see what you did there, Toei. You think there’s also a Sword Deneb out there somewhere to complete the Summer Triangle?

TB: What is the Summer Triangle? Is that what Altair, Vega, and Deneb refer to?

Silver: Yep. They’re a constellation.

KKD: Clever thinking, especially considering what season we’re on right now.

Silver: Regardless, there’s actually some interesting backstory regarding this. The user of Sword Altair, Bokuden Seijin Biskes, actually trained with Kruger a long time ago. However, Biskes was too abusive of the power of the blade, and thus his father, who was Kruger’s sensei, gave the dojo they trained at to Kruger instead of him. Just goes to show that power corrupts, and it’s obvious Doggie makes sure that he isn’t corrupted. When he first showed up, the Dekarangers thought they could take things easier since DekaMaster was so much more powerful, but he of course made them realize that while he was there to help them out on occasion, he is not gonna fight their battles for them. The show isn’t called Tokusou Sentai DekaMaster, after all. xP

KKD: That makes sense when you think about it.

TB: The same thing happened in Power Rangers SPD where Kruger put the Rangers through some psychological test when they constantly relied on him.

Silver: Now, speaking on mecha, DekaMaster technically doesn’t have his own… however, he makes up for that when the mech he helps pilot… is the freakin’ base of operations itself!

TB: Yep, the DekaBase can operate like a moving tank before standing up to become the DekaBase Robo.

Silver: I’d love to see Gigant Bragi-Oh or Ryuutei-Oh go up against this thing! XD

KKD: Well then, is there anything else you’d like to talk about, Silver?

Silver: Well, he did have a special helicopter that he used in the Dekaranger movie, but besides that, I guess I should give my final thoughts. Overall, DekaMaster was a cool, calm, collected, and overall awesome mentor that many other Senshi try their best to imitate but not quite master. Truly, a great warrior to come from a great Sentai series. Also, did I mention he has connections to two other Sentai teams?

TB: Magiranger and Gokaiger, right?

Silver: Nope. Abaranger and Magiranger. He’s a frequenter at Dino Curry, which is how he met Miyuki Ozu, AKA MagiMother. Also, I think that the romance between him and Swan is so adorable.

KKD: Of course he is, though the canonicity of the Sentai VS films is already questionable, but we’ll let it slide now.

Silver: Okay, so next up is KyoryuSilver, a whole 9 years after DekaMaster came onto the scene. Senpai, if you would?

KKD: With pleasure.


KKD: Now Torin is much more well tied into his show’s plot than Kruger from what I can tell. Calling himself Kenjin (Wise God) Torin in the modern times, he was originally amongst the Deboss Army that was planning to wipe out the dinosaurs, and yet he found beauty amongst the giant reptiles and rebelled against his boss. Since then, he fought to protect the Earth with the Zyudenryu, the main dinosaur mecha of the Kyoryugers.

TB: Unfortunately, both he and his Zyudenryu Bragigas were injured in a fight with his brother, Hyakuman Shinkan (Hundred Face Priest) Chaos. I guess he and the Zyudenryu laid rest for millions of years until the Deboss have reawakened to continue their mission of world conquest. But hey, so did Torin and the Zyudenryu.

Silver: Also, when he worked for Deboss, Torin was known as Maken Shinkan (Demon Sword Priest) Torin. Anyways, personally, while he’s not as good as Kruger in my eyes, Torin is still a really cool mentor.

KKD: Unlike Kruger, it did take Torin a while to become a Senshi, but it just helped develop him as a mentor and a character, building his resolve against Deboss to begin with, even when his original dark form, Mad Torin, was created to work with Deboss. But then, after a long time, Bragigas, the final Zyudenryu to join the team in the show, granted him one of the coolest powers and suits of the show, complete with what I think is the best and most appropriate recolor for the Gaburevolver, the GigaGaburevolver!

TB: Not to mention an awesome debut for the final Senshi of Kyoryuger.

Silver: But what about the GabuGaburevolver? xP

TB: What’s that? Never seen it.

KKD: Trust me, we don’t talk about that lame recolor.

Silver: Hey, I actually think it looks cool!

KKD: Looks haphazardly colored personally. But whatever, KyoryuSilver. Downright awesome in battle, mopping the floor with Mad Torin, who gave the Kyoryugers SERIOUS trouble. Even for the Gary Stu, who supposedly can’t do no wrong and is unbeatable.

TB: To be honest, he was too busy fighting the Zetsumates (Extinction Buddies). Hey, if they can be defeated twice by the team, surely the Daigo Stu can defeat them a third time by themselves. Then again, all the revived Debo Monsters were set to easy mode, but I’m getting sidetracked. Now Silver comes equipped with the Bragigas Zyudenchi for his GigaGaburevolver and to power up his Zyudenryu. But his most powerful weapon is the Feather Edge.

Silver: I’ll admit, the Feather Edge is so cool. And it’s even better when he passes it over to Souji before he dies and Souji gets to use the weapon in the best scene in the entire show! God, that battle with Souji and Ian vs. a bunch of the Deboss minions was so awesome!!

TB: Best moment in that scene… Ian finally saying Souji’s name.

Silver: It was so awesome! I loved the penultimate episode… then the final episode ruined it… -_-

KKD: Who’s talking about who now? You guys about KyoryuGreen or me about KyoryuSilver?

Silver:, snippy much?

KKD: Sorry, but you guys were talking a lot this time around. Anyway, yes, his Feather Edge is his best weapon, especially when he performs his most powerful attack, Trinity Strazer, which, yes, Souji does learn, but he used it to much greater effect. And in terms of mecha, KyoryuSilver’s is even more awesome. His is not only the base for the team like the DekaBase, but it’s also its own mecha, Gigant Bragi-Oh, and it even helps to form the final ultimate mecha combination in Kyoryuger, Gigant Kyoryuzin!

TB: As if that wasn’t powerful enough, they can even use the Gigant Zyudenryu Hou, which is a big ass cannon!

Silver: I mean, DekaBase Robo has a similar attack, but Gigant Bragi-Oh is cool in its own right. Though, one has to wonder which would be more powerful, the Vega Impulse from DekaMaster or the Trinity Strazer.

TB: I thought the Vega Slash was his most powerful one.

Silver: Vega Impulse is another move he knew, taught to him by his sensei himself.

TB: Oh... Anyway, one thing I forgot to mention when Silver talked about him was that DekaMaster held his own against freakin Wolzard!

KKD: Right… in any case, Torin was so awesome, death couldn’t even put him down as he contacted the Rainbow Line to help during the ToQger vs. Kyoryuger crossover… but, AGAIN, it was stupid of him and the writers to leave the KyoryuSilver powers in the hands of Red’s dad. I mean really? REALLY?! You give the powers of one of the best dino Senshi ever from the most capable hands… to an old timer who is the father of Daigo? How stupid can you get?

*Clip from Three Stooges*

Moe: Answer me that! HOW STUPID CAN YA GET?!

Silver: Oh, but I thought you actually LIKED Daigo. xP

KKD: I liked him to an extent, but even I know how Gary Stu-ish he can be. And even then, I never cared for his father who straight up abandoned him. But that’s a topic for another day.

Silver: Anyways, any final thoughts?

TB: Doesn’t really matter who you give the power in the hands of, a million year old wise bird or a powerful old man, KyoryuSilver will kick ass and take names.

KKD: Bottom line, Torin is the TRUE KyoryuSilver, and KyoryuSilver is my favorite Silver Senshi, and is the one mentor you should NEVER mess with!

Silver: That only leaves one mentor left to talk about, and we’ll leave that to TB.

TB: Yes, this one is fairly recent and we have all been following this after the rather… uninteresting season of Zyuohger.

-Ryuu Commander-

TB: Oh, where to begin with Shou Ronbo. For starters… he’s FUNNY AS HELL!! Everything from his voice, to his mannerisms, to the fact that he introduces the Kyuulette Wheel by freaking dancing and singing, he’s just a ‘ball’ to watch!

Silver: …*facepalm*


KKD: Is it really THAT bad?

Silver: It’s so dumb… -_-

TB: Couldn’t resist. Despite his cheerful and sometimes goofy demeanor, he is a leader first. And of course, his backstory includes rising and falling in his battle against Jark Matter. He was actually one of the first to rebel against the colossal conglomerate of cosmic conquerors… I love alliteration.

Silver: *rolls eyes* Now YOU’RE not the one acting serious. *hits TB in the back of the head with the butt of the Shingou Axe*

TB: ITA! *rubs the back of his head* Anyway, his walking stick/staff, the Ryuutsuder, is a device that he built himself to force a transformation from a normal Skill Kyuutama. In this instance, he used the Ryuu Kyuutama, based off the Draco Constellation.

Silver: I’ll admit, the Ryuutsuder is a pretty cool-looking weapon, which he initially used to become Ryuu Violet.

TB: The way the device worked kinda reminded me a little of the Medagaburyu from OOO.

KKD: Yea, I noticed that, too. *hears the doorbell ring* I gotta check that. *heads for the door*

TB: Who could that be?

KKD: WAHOO!!! IT CAME! *rushes in with a package that was surprisingly big and labeled “Fragile” before opening it.*

Silver: Hmm? What’s that?

KKD: My own DX Ryuutsuder! *opens it up and shows the toy with the Ryuu Kyuutama*

TB: ...It’s a lot shorter than it is on the show.

KKD: Most melee weapon toys are. But it is cool nonetheless.

Silver: Whoa. You lucky bastard! It’s nearly impossible to get Toku toys to the states at a good price.

KKD: Had some birthday cash and the toy cost about $80, but it was worth the wait.

TB: We also got Gekisou Sentai Carranger on DVD.

KKD: That’s nothing. I got Zyuranger-Carranger on DVD.

Silver: Nice. I’m just waiting for them to do Megaranger, GoGo V, or Timeranger. I wanna see what my favorite Ranger series looked like in Japan. Anyways, let’s continue.

TB: Right. Shou was particularly reckless during his time as Ryuu Violet and it didn’t help that his device had a time limit.

Silver: Which ended up with his former commander and original leader of the Rebellion, Big Bear, getting killed when fighting Ikagen and Madako.

TB: Because of this, he’s been pretty strict about following orders. However, Lucky and the other Kyuurangers helped him see that he chose them all for a reason and that they won’t make the same mistakes he made… and that lead to summoning MECHA SHENRON!

KKD: That was awesome to see, I’ll be honest. *sees his Ryuutsuder* I wonder…

Silver: Now’s not the time. Anyways, this gave him the powers of Ryuu Commander, meaning he no longer had a time limit.

TB: This evolution is just what Shou needed as he gained super speed, making him fast enough to dodge bullets while firing with crazy perception.

KKD: Super cool indeed.

Silver: He of course also gets his own mech, though, I’ll let TB talk about that.

TB: He has a Voyager like the others, his Ryuu Voyager. Like Shishi Voyager, he can use it to combine with any Voyager for arms to become Ryuutei-Oh, as well as combine with Kyuuren-Oh to become Ryuutei Kyuuren-Oh.

Silver: A bit lazy, but I liked it.

TB: I was hoping for ALL of the Voyagers to combine, but I digress. It was powerful enough to destroy Ikagen once and for all.

Silver: We’ve also forgotten to mention that the Ryuutsuder is able to become a Faizing Sniper Rifle! That’s awesome.

TB: I think Shou could give Deadshot a run for his money with how he handles the gun mode.

KKD: That’s for sure. Heck, he has such good reflexes, he can even fire the thing while still fighting another opponent!

TB: Oh, and his finisher SHOOTS A DRAGON AT HIS ENEMIES!

Silver: Overall, Ryuu Commander, while he’s kinda a derpy leader, is still pretty cool all things considered.

KKD: We’ve only seen twelve episodes of Kyuuranger so far, though. There’s still a lot of time for him to make a bigger impression on the series.

Silver: Though, I still think he can’t hold a candle to DekaMaster, even if he has range.

TB: Ryuu Commander’s speed will certainly trump DekaMaster’s power and KyoryuSilver’s skill.

KKD: Well, this is a tough call to make.

TB: Hmm… DekaMaster has the advantage in skill and power, KyoryuSilver has experience fighting as well as tough endurance, and Ryuu Commander also has great experience, not to mention excellent perception with his Ryuutsuder in Rifle Mode and lightning fast reflexes. Neither of these three outclass the other. This looks like it could go either way.

Silver: Definitely… well, I guess we’ll leave it up to the audience then, right?

KKD: Yep. So you guys tell us. Who do you think has the biggest advantage out of all these mentor Senshi? And who is your personal favorite?

TB: Leave your answers and reasons in the comments down below and support us to get out more good content.

Silver: Yep. Anyways, I think that’ll do it for n-*Suddenly, there are attacks from afar, nearly hitting the three* What the-?!

TB: Oh shoot! *rolls out of the way* Who’s doing that!?

KKD: No idea. What’s going on out there, anyway?! *peeks out*

*The three look to see three figures standing before them, one being a fishman with a sword similar to the D-Sword Vega, one being a black and red version of Torin, and one being a squidman with crystals all over his body*

TB: ...Ikagen!?

KKD: Mad Torin?!

Silver: No way… Biskes?! How the hell are you three here?! You died!

Ikagen: It seems that someone has an interest in you three inklings.

Biskes: We’re here to defeat you for the person who revived us!

Mad Torin: Prepare to die, foolish humans!

KKD: *pulls out GigaGaburevolver* Not a chance, fool. *turns and nods to TB and Silver, who have pulled out their weapons as well (Ichigan Buster and Sougan Blade for Silver and Gokai Gun and Gokai Saber for TB* Ikuzo!

*The three are about to charge, when…*

?: Matte! (Hold it!)

TB: Huh?

*The three look to see Doggie Kruger, Torin, and Shou Ronbo standing there before walking in front of the three*

TB: Holy crap, you guys!?

Shou: Yes! We thought it’d be nice if we stopped by to give you three a helping hand.

Torin: Prepare yourself for our fury, villains! Min’na, ikuzo!

*The other two nod before activating their transformation devices*



Doggie: Emergency! DekaMaster!! *presses the button on his Master License, to change* Face On!

Torin: Kyoryu Change! *spins the chamber before dancing, finishing it with an aiming of the gun* Fire! *pulls the trigger on the GigaGaburevolver, shooting up to transform*

Shou: Karyou Gesei! *slams the tip of his Ryuutsuder to the ground while pulling the trigger, triggering his transformation*

*the three Senshi then stand side by side, ready to fight*

DekaMaster: Hyaki akuo buttagiru (Cutting down a hundred evil doers)! Jigoku no Banken (The Watchdog of Hell)... DekaMaster!

KyoryuSilver: Senkou no Yuusha! (Shining Brave!) KyoryuSilver!

Ryuu Commander: Dragon Ma-Star! Ryuu Commander!

DekaMaster: We are…

All three: Sensei no Rangers!



Silver: I think we have a chance now! Let’s do it!!

TB: Yes!

*The three reviewers rush in and split up, Silver and DekaMaster fighting Biskes, KKD and KyoryuSilver fighting Mad Torin, and TB and Ryuu Commander facing Ikagen. Ikagen seems to easily be able to dodge the attacks from TB and Ryuu Commander*

Ikagen: Do you really th-Ink you can beat me?

Ryuu Commander: Definitely. *pulls out the Futago Kyuutama and activates it before inserting it into his Ryuutsuder*


*He pulled the trigger and made a clone of himself appear. He then activates it multiple times before there are hundreds of Ryuu Commanders surrounding and shooting at Ikagen, surprising him and knocking him back*

TB: I got him, sir! Watchaa! *jumps up and gives Ikagen a Muy Thai knee before slashing and shooting at the Squid Assassin*

*Ikagen screamed in pain as he was knocked back. Meanwhile, KKD and KyoryuSilver were slashing and blasting Mad Torin with their weapons*

KyoryuSilver: Keep pushing him back! *he slashes at Mad Torin, but the dark copy blocks*

Mad Torin: You can’t defeat me, Torin!

KKD: He’s not alone in this, baka. And neither am I. *KKD slashed at Mad Torin when suddenly, Minityra leaped in, chomping on his wing*

Mad Torin: AGH!!

KyoryuSilver: Nice move. Now, with me! *he pulls out his GigaGaburevolver and puts in another Bragigas Zyudenchi*


KKD: Ikuze! *does the same*


Both: Zyuden Double Brave Finish!!


*The two shoot Mad Torin, blasting him back. Meanwhile, DekaMaster and Silver attack one after another against Biskes, getting in some good attacks. However, Biskes is eventually able to block Silver’s blade*

Biskes: Your swordplay is weak. You can’t defeat me!

Silver: Oh really? We’ll see about that. *does at kick at Biskes, knocking him back*

Biskes: Grr… damn you! Altair Slash!!

DekaMaster: Vega Slash!!

*The two blades collide, the two evenly matched*

Silver: *smirks* Y’know, you shouldn’t have your back turned to someone. *presses a button on his Sougan Blade*


*Silver then slashes at Biskes’s back, making him lose focus as DekaMaster’s attack goes through, knocking Biskes to the ground next to the other two*

Biskes: Grr… that was a cheap shot!

Silver: You of all people are saying that to me? Hypocrite! *combines both his weapons* Let’s finish this!


TB: Let’s hit this ball out of the park, shall we?

Ryuu Commander: Not bad. *readies the Ryuutsuder in Sniper Mode*


TB: Time to send these freaks back to Hell where they belong. *sets in a DekaMaster and a Ryuu Commander Key into his weapons, respective of the rangers’ specialties*


KKD: Let’s do it! Minityra! *Minityra jumps up into KKD’s hands, before he changes the it into gun mode and attaching it to his GigaGaburevolver, before making it chomp*


KyoryuSilver: You will not plague us, nor the people that we inspire! *holds out his Feather Edge as the blade glowed and he pointed it downward*

DekaMaster: This is it, everyone! D-Sword Vega! *D-Sword Vega glows as he circles it around while growling* Impulse… Vega SLASH!!

KyoryuSilver: Trinity… STRAIZER!! *slashes in the form of a triangle*

Ryuu Commander: *aims his Rifle* Dragon Crash!!

KKD: Kyoryu!

Silver: Buster!

TB: Gokai!

Silver/KKD/TB: Tri-Generation Strike Out!!

All: FIRE!!!

*The six fire upon the villains with their weapons, destroying the three*

Silver: Whew… we did it.

TB: Who bad? We bad! YES! *thumbs up* Good Luck!


Silver: Thanks for the help, you guys.

DekaMaster: No problem. We were happy to help. Though, now we must go. Farewell. *the three leave*

KKD: Totally awesome.

TB: Yeah. Anyway, don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this discussion in the comments below. Until next time, I’m the Lone Rider…

KKD: I’m the Crossover King…

Silver: And I’m the Radiant Rider…

KKD: Signing out… *salutes* Jaa ne.

TB: Seiya~!

Silver: Stand up the Vanguard!
Silver Side Corner: Mentor Ranger Debate
So, this Side Corner is gonna be a little bit different than the others. Myself and my two friends are gonna discuss three very powerful mentors from Super Sentai who have each had their chance in the limelight. DekaMaster from Dekaranger (SPD), KyoryuSilver from Kyoryuger (Dino Supercharge), and RyuuCommander from Kyuranger (Uh... Astro Force?). Let us know in the comments who you think is the coolest out of these three senshi.
Hey, y'all! So, I'll be in Seattle this weekend for Sakura Con, so if you are going, maybe we'll end up meeting up. I'll be dressing up as Shotaro from Kamen Rider W this weekend, so be on the lookout for a man dressed up like a detective with a cool detective hat.
I've just noticed something...

Sonic Games nowadays kinda have the Wasserman Factor to them.

What's the Wasserman Factor? Watch Linkara's History of Power Rangers to find out.
So... Overwatch's Mei.

Is she an annoying hero to face against? Yes. There is no denying that she is. Her freeze ray is way too overpowered, the fact that she has an auto-heal is obnoxious, and her ultimate is the most annoying Faizing thing ever to deal with.

...does that really give us a right to demonize her?

Seriously, people, I get that you hate Mei from a gameplay standpoint, but why do you have to hate her character in general?! She's this sweet and innocent little Chinese Woman who is very kind and caring, and yet you people paint her like she's the f*cking Devil!!

I'm sorry, but I've had enough of this Mei hate! You can hate her as a character for gameplay reasons, but DO NOT say to me that she is an awful character personality-wise or try to de-humanize her!! This is something to just really grinds my gears, and if people are going to de-humanize Mei because of gameplay reasons, then I value you less as a human being. Seriously, stop the Mei hate, people. I'm sick of it.
*Silver is sitting in one of the Team Toku Riders recording studios, rewatching Super Hero Taisen GP*

TB: *walks in, whistling* Oh, hey dude. Whatcha doin?

Silver: Rewatching GP. Y’know, even after the sh*t show that was a majority of the Super Hero Taisen movies, I’m glad I was able to find this gem.

TB: What about Z?

Silver: *scoffs* What ABOUT Z?

TB: It wasn’t that bad either.

Silver: Compared to the other two, yes, but it was still mediocre.

TB: Touche. Though, the fact that Mach died in GP still bothers me. First of all, *clips from later episodes of Drive pop up* that was all a complete lie. Second of all, I don’t think this movie is canon with Drive’s continuity.

Silver: Well… they apparently made a follow-up to GP, based on the after-credits scene shown at the end, which actually went somewhere compared to the Kikaider teaser at the end of Z that amounted to nothing besides the reboot movie.

TB: And Gaim teaming up with Kikaider, but that’s another story.

Silver: Well, wanna review it?

TB: Kikaider or the follow-up to GP?

Silver: Gee, what do you think? -_-

TB: Alright. Let’s take a look at Kamen Rider Yongou.


Toku Rider Taisen! Epilogue: Shocker’s Final Gambit! Farewell, Kamen Rider Mach!


Silver: Hello, everyone, this is your Radiant Rider, Silver Maxus, back once again to review something else Toku-related!

TB: And TokuBrony back with him one last time to tie up loose ends with the Super Hero Taisen films.

Silver: And this time, we take to the skies with reviewing the follow-up to Super Hero Taisen GP.

TB: Yeah, it turns out that Kamen Rider Mach’s ‘death’ was building up to this special.

Silver: Don’t say it in quotes, he actually died in that special. -_-

TB: Then how do you explain how he’s fine in the show?


TB: ...It’s not even canon.

Silver: *facepalm* Just start the stupid movie…

-The Premise-

Silver: So… apparently, the people who watched the first three Taisen movies were basically sick of the director’s sh*t and complained to the director, and thus he made this special to not only tie up loose ends in GP, but also Kamen Rider Taisen as well. And thank Arceus for that!

TB: So let me get this straight, the director got too many complaints about his films… so he resorts to making a film direct to DVD to save his life.

Silver: I dunno. I guess it makes sense. Regardless, this special not only wraps up the preceding two movies, but also Kamen Rider Faiz as well, giving closure to the ambiguous finale at the end of it.

TB: It also features Kamen Rider Zeronos as well.

Silver: Yeah, but he doesn’t really factor too much into this compared to the Drive team and Faiz. Anyways, enough stalling. Let’s get into the movie!

-The Plot-

Silver: So, this special is split into three episodes, though the third is longer and has most of the meat of Kamen Rider Yongou. We start Episode 1, “Deathmatch! The Kamen Rider Died Three Times!!” with a small recap of GP and Gou’s death in the last movie.

TB: We see remaining Shocker scientists trying to bring their Big Machine back to life along with setting up something called the Yongou Project. Aaaand then after the intro, we see Shinnosuke sleeping on the job. Get your ass up, you slacker!

Silver: Principal Stricklin much?

TB: What can I say? I love Back to the Future.

Silver: No argument there. Regardless, Shinnosuke gets a call from Kiriko, who is waiting at the movies with… Gou?! Wait, but you died in the last movie! What sort of time paradox BS is this?!

TB: Maybe that whole thing was a dream. Hell, I would think the same thing.

Silver: Regardless, while Kiriko and Gou go to see the Murmur Mansion movie, which was a franchise beloved by Toku Joka’s resident nerd, Kyu Saijou, Shinnosuke and Belt-san are greeted by two familiar figures making their way into the Drive Pit, Takumi Inui (Kamen Rider Faiz) and Yuuto Sakurai (Kamen Rider Zeronos).


Yuuto: Tomari! Jigen da! (Tomari! There’s a case!)

Shinnosuke: Oi, oi! Who are you guys?!

Takumi: What are you saying?! Shocker is rampaging!

Silver: Wow, that quickly, eh?

TB: Plus, Shinnosuke doesn’t seem to have any memories of what happened? Were the events of GP a dream, or is this Kamen Rider’s version of the New 52?

Silver: Who knows. However, when they get to the location, they find Shocker and… Cheetah Snail? B-But does that mean Gen is evil in this timeline, or is this a completely different Cheetah Snail that is unrelated to Gen?!

*clip from DBZA*


TB: Hold on… I realized something now.

Silver: What’s that?

TB: No memories of the alternate timeline, enemies reappearing from said timeline… THIS IS SEASON 3 OF THE FLASH TV SHOW!!

Silver: Oh scheisse, you’re right! Well… kinda, as Shinnosuke suddenly remembers that he worked with the two of them in GP from some kind of memory flash after seeing them transform, and finally goes in to help Thus, we have three Kamen Riders versus Shocker and Cheetah Snail!

TB: The fight is soon noticed by the Shijima siblings, as Faiz and Zeronos split off to fight Cheetah Snail, who get a little closer to witness this.

Silver: Gou, being as reckless as ever, goes in to assist, and the three are able to finish off Cheetah Snail with a triple finish, with Exceed Charge, Full Charge, and Full Throttle being used to finish the job… or so we think!


Gou: Yosh~! (Hell yeah~!) We did it!

Yuuto: You only helped out in the end, don’t get cocky!

TB: Their celebration is premature however. Shinnosuke gets another memory back… just as this happens…


*Gou is suddenly grabbed by the neck from behind by a strange limb, as he is brought toward Cheetah Snail*

Cheetah Snail: At least I can take a Rider down with me.

Shinnosuke: *gasps, before running to save Gou* Stop!!

Cheetah Snail: Shocker BANZAI!! *explodes, taking Gou with him, who falls to the ground dying*

Silver: Oh sh*t! D-Did they just kill off Gou again?!

TB: Trying to recreate events of that alternate timeline as well? Yep, definitely like Season 3 of The Flash.

Silver: Honestly, I gotta admit, this was really well-done. The only issue is the episode title spoils it completely.

TB: Not to mention it comes out of nowhere and is just there to be a shock death, like in GP.

Silver: Anyways, time suddenly stops, before we see a stopwatch that looks suspiciously like the Accel Watch from Faiz, before time seems to reset back to before.

TB: Za Warudo! *TB suddenly gets whacked by the butt of the Shingou Axe* ITA!

Silver: No!! Bad Brony who likes Toku! There will be NO JoJo references on my channel!

TB: *rubs the back of head* As long as you don’t give me crap for liking it, we are square. Besides, I had to.

Silver: No, no you didn’t.

TB: Anyway, Shinnosuke wakes back up… in his office? Are we going to do the whole Groundhog Day thing?

Silver: Apparently. Anyways, events play out very similarly, though Shinnosuke feels like he’s having Deja vu, which obviously he is. However, when we get to fighting Cheetah-Snail…


*Drive goes in to fight, when he’s suddenly tripped by an invisible tongue, which belongs to Hiruchameleon, who jumps down to fight Drive*

TB: That didn’t happen before, did it?

Silver: Nope. Luckily, Drive is able to outsmart Hiruchameleon using Type Technic. Nice touch there, Toei.

TB: Cheetah Snail escapes, Faiz and Zeronos following while Drive finishes off Hiruchameleon.

Silver: From there, things pan out like before. Mach comes in, they defeat Cheetah-Snail, and it appears he’s really dead this time. Whew. Crisis aver-


*Gou is smiling, before something pierces his chest, as Hiruchameleon is shown to be barely alive*

Hiruchameleon: You… will die with me! *falls down and explodes in defeat*

Silver: ...well, that was definitely more shocking and tragic than the last death.

TB: ...Pooh. Well, at least Shinnosuke’s not alone in feeling deja vu. His belt is feeling it too.

Silver: However, like the last time, time loops back on itself, and we get everything the third time. Hmm.

TB: This time, Shinnosuke tells Kiriko and Go to stay away from the shopping mall and when Yuuto and Takumi go to warn him, he leaves a note saying he’s already on there where Shocker will attack.

Silver: It appears he’s starting to get wise to these time loops. Honestly, I do find this an interesting story to tell about time travel. As we’ll see here, things keep changing little by little as these time loops occur, which is honestly a neat touch.

TB: Let’s hope the payoff is worth it. The third kaijin that appears is this one with two different voices and is a mix between an ant and a mammoth.

Silver: This is AriMammoth. He’s… also an original kaijin, exclusive to this movie. He seems to have a 2-in-1 personality, similar to Best Rider. Anyways, Drive goes Wild to try and fight against this trio of Kaijin.

TB: Eventually, Zeronos and Faiz arrive to help, Drive telling Gou not to fight this time. Then he does something pretty ballsy. When AriMammoth fires an energy ball at Gou, Drive actually takes the shots for Gou and DIES!!

Silver: Holy crap. Shinnosuke died? I-I have no words…

TB: Don’t worry, because some random guy gives hints that he’s involved somehow and time loops back. Shinnosuke’s alive again.

Silver: This thus ends Part 1 of Kamen Rider Yongou, with Shinnosuke starting to piece things together, with images of the titular Rider being prepared, while the main theme for the movie, “Time” plays. Now, I wanna take a quick moment to say I LOVE this song. While “Who’s That Guy” gave a very energetic feel, this song sounds more somber, fitting of the dire situation that is occurring in this movie.

TB: It does sound cool. We then begin Part 2 of the film, Duel!! Sky Cyclone Aerial Attack. It begins with Kiriko missing the call with Shinnosuke, but going to see the movie with Gou anyway. Gou is also starting to feel something off. Even getting a vision of his own death from Super Hero Taisen GP!

Silver: They decide to brush it off, as we see… the Faiz Signal Bike from GP? Da hell-?

TB: Don’t you mean the Faiz? XD

Silver: *facepalm* Anyways, Gou keeps having visions of his death in the movie. Meanwhile, Shinnosuke goes to talk to Belt-san. Apparently, he collected data from the last loop. Very clever, Shinnosuke.

TB: Thus things will be easier explaining to Takumi and Yuuto about the time loops. The two veterans’ memories reset every time the loop restarts. But why didn’t Shinnosuke’s memories reset?

Silver: Not sure. Perhaps due to exposure from Heavy Deceleration, his brain is able to have visions whenever there is a time loop. Anyways, he proves to Yuuto and Takumi that it’s true by showing his vitals.

TB: That would make his death in the show the second time he died. Anyway, they also figure out that every time someone dies, time loops back and restarts.

Silver: Even worse, it appears every time time loops, Shocker gets stronger. For those asking how that’s possible… well, it’s the History Alteration Machine, my guess is Shocker rigged it so that they weren’t affected by the time loop. Kinda like Code Lyoko’s return to the past command.

TB: I remember that. So Takumi wants to go out there and fight Shocker because he can’t just stand and watch. But what else can they do to prevent time from looping again and making sure Shocker’s defeated?

Silver: Yuuto decides to do some investigation using the ZeroLiner, and we get to see his faithful Imagin Deneb once again.

TB: Yay~. *claps hands* I like Deneb. He’s funny and he has the voice of the Gaim narrator and Jiraiya from Naruto.

Silver: Eh. Like I said, I don’t really care for the Imagin…

TB: So Yuuto says that he’ll investigate the twisted point in time while Shinnosuke stays. He calls Kiriko and tells her and Gou to return home immediately, but not why because he has a gut feeling that says Gou shouldn’t get involved.

Silver: Uh… why not tell her the truth? “Sorry, Kiriko, but we’re caught in a time loop that happens when somebody dies, and we can’t risk Gou dying out here.”

TB: They probably won’t believe him and think he’s crazy.

Silver: They’ve faced androids that have Clock Up powers! I don’t think “crazy” is in their dictionary!

TB: Fair enough. Maybe knowing could put Gou in even more danger.

Silver: Fair. Anyways, Gou regardless runs off to help Shinnosuke. Meanwhile, Takumi is stopped by the man on the motorcycle from the last reset, who is introduced as Naoya Kaidou, one of the major characters from Faiz and an ally of Kiba and eventually Takumi. He also wore Faiz’s armor once… as well as Riotrooper armor.

TB: Didn’t he also wear Kaixa’s armor at a certain point?’

Silver: No, I think you’re thinking of Kiba.

TB: No, I was thinking of the eccentric dude from Paradise Lost.

Silver: Okay. Also, fun fact, he would later go on to play Musashi’s human form in the Kamen Rider Ghost movie, as well as Juzo from Shinkenger, AKA the kaijin Decker was adapted from in Samurai. Pretty neat.

TB: Cool. Anyway, Kaidou tells Takumi to stay out of the case about the time loop, even awkwardly begging him to do so. Takumi of course doesn’t have time for this, but Kaidou reveals that he’s an ORPHENOCH!

Silver: Uh… I mean, this may be a surprise to you, but he was an Orphenoch in the series proper, the Snake Orphenoch to be exact.

TB: Odd. So he decides to fight Takumi to convince him, but is intercepted by Kamen Rider Mach.

Silver: Kaidou then leaves, and we rejoin Yuuto as he travels through time. However, some sort of anomaly blocks him from leaving, and he and Deneb are thrown through a time portal, where we see the events of the final battle of GP. We even get to see that epic Rider Triple Kick. :D

TB: They even get a glimpse of Mach dying to Shocker and the funeral held by Shinnosuke and Kiriko. That’s when they realize the truth.

Silver: We then cut back to Shinnosuke, who is intercepted by AriMammoth, while Faiz and Mach take on the other two Shocker kaijin.

TB: After fighting for a while, Drive sees AriMammoth beginning to multiply before he explains the entire plan to him like an idiot.

Silver: I don’t think AriMammoth is that smart. Anyways, it appears the History Alteration Machine is not completely broken, and while it is still functional, Shocker essentially has made time its b*yay!*ch. They can grow stronger and stronger as the time loops give them infinite time to plan out their plot for world domination.

TB: However, before the clones can leave, they are suddenly run over by ZeroLiner and are interrupted by Zeronos in his Vega Form.

Silver: Zeronos and Drive are able to take out AriMammoth pretty easily, so we won’t be seeing him until the next reset. Anyways, after the fight, Yuuto explains to Shinnosuke everything that happened.

TB: He explains about Gou’s death during the events of GP, how it was a major cost in an otherwise successful victory against Shocker’s plan to alter time and take over the world. It can’t have been rebuilt because Shinnosuke says that the Riders’ feelings are the ones who make what has been broken run normally.

Silver: I’m a bit confused on this, but considering Rider Syndrome is a thing, I’m just gonna chalk it up at Toku Logic.

*clip from Power Rangers Super Megaforce*

Gosei: There’s a simple explanation… *suddenly, there’s an explosion in the background*

TB and Silver: Damnit, Gosei!


TB: Anyway, Shinnosuke has it all figured out while Faiz and Mach are battling Shocker like the previous times. And even Mach starts to remember the time he died in GP!

Silver: However, before he can change events, he is attacked and killed by Cheetah-Snail, whom Faiz beats while in Faiz Accel Mode.

TB: And even Accel Mode isn’t fast enough to save Mach from dying. Turns out that, according to Shinnosuke, one of them has feelings strong enough to activate the time alteration machine even though they are unaware of it. That person is Kiriko.

Silver: Well… okay then. I mean, that makes sense, as Kiriko does care a lot for her brother.

TB: And Shocker is using her feelings against them to advance their plans, the slimy bastards. Welp, time for another retry.

*As the clip fades to black, the Retry sound effect from Blinx the Time Sweeper plays, rewinding the clip to when Shinnosuke woke up, before resuming where the clip left off*

Silver: ...what, it’s fitting.

TB: I’m not arguing with you there. So Shinnosuke calls Kiriko and tells her and Gou to come to the Drive Pit with Takumi and Yuuto to tell her everything. I have to say, out of all the plans I’ve seen Shocker put into fruition, using Kiriko’s feelings for her brother to warp time and advance their schemes for world domination is the most sinister and unforgiving of all of them.

Silver: As the five of them discuss the gravity of this situation, they mention that restoring the timeline may end up making it so Gou did die in the battle against Shocker. Now, before you complain, TB, remember that it’s the timeline that they THINK is gonna happen. Savvy?

TB: The timeline I keep saying is non-canon? ...Alright, but they and we don’t know anymore details than this and Gou remaining dead after is just a possibility, not a fact.

Silver: Yep. Regardless, Gou runs off after hearing this. Meanwhile, it’s finally time for Kamen Rider Yongou to take center stage as the android Rider is brought to life in a very Frankenstein’s Monster-esque way.

TB: It’s alive~, IT’S ALIVE~!! *clears throat* After that, Shinnosuke talks with Gou about why he’s so mad about this. Gou is becoming way too accepting of his possible death. Geez, there’s a lot more references to Season 3 of The Flash than I thought.

Silver: However, while Gou is accepting of his fate, Takumi is not. As a battle-hardened Rider, especially from one of the darkest Rider series of the early 2000s, he understands what it means to lose someone. He lost many good men during his tenure, including one of his closest friends, Kiba.

TB: Even though I haven’t seen Faiz, this is a nice character moment that shows Takumi has grown from his experiences and is passing his teachings down to another. He’s seen too much death and he doesn’t want Gou to leave his sister.

Silver: Man, this movie has some really good character moments… and this isn’t even the actual in-theaters movie! Anyways, Shinnosuke, probably driving to help stop Shocker, is attacked by a plane flying in and shooting at him! Whoa!

TB: Not often you see a Rider use a plane for battle. Anyway, we see Yongou drop off and HOLY CRAP HE HAS GLIDE SUIT WINGS!?!

Silver: A pretty awesome entrance, but I can’t say I’m digging the suit. Sure, it looks like modern air-force pilot wear, but it just seems a bit odd to have on a Kamen Rider. Still, he is a pretty intimidating Rider. And he’s voiced by Motherfaizing Kamen Rider Eternal.

TB: ...You serious?

Silver: Yep. That is indeed Mitsuru Matsuoka, the actor who played Katsumi Daidou himself and was also the lead singer of Earnest Drive, the band responsible for one of the greatest theme songs in Tokusatsu, Drive’s Surprise-Drive.

TB: Okay, any moment I’m gonna expect him to say ‘Enjoy your Hell’.

Silver: It would not be too out of place, seeing as what’s to come. Anyways, Yongou fights Drive one-on-one, but Drive seems very outmatched by this. It’s obvious Shocker made this guy to be a lean mean fighting machine.

TB: This dude can tank regular punches and kicks and fights with a military style of combat. He even does what I like to call Matrix punching. However, Takumi and Yuuto arrive to see Yongou with shock. And Shocker’s ultimate goal was to create him with no interruptions and use his power to, you guessed it, take over the world.

*clip from Street Fighter: The Movie*

M. Bison: Of COURSE!!

Silver: Luckily, the two join in, making the fight 3v1. Hopefully this will make the odds a bit ea-... oh, who am I kidding, this is gonna be tough. Especially with his plane, the Sky Cyclone coming in to take out Zeronos.

TB: I’d ask how Yongou was able to tank their punches, but he is a robot.

Silver: And with one final Rider Kick, Drive goes down once again, as time resets again, but this time we see Shinnosuke despairing at another defeat, as we cut to credits. Wow. That really does set the stage nicely.

TB: So what are they gonna do against the loops and an OP God Mod Shocker Rider?

Silver: Well, we’ll see in the final part, which is called Duel! The True Identity of Shocker’s Great Leader. We start off skipping ahead quite a few resets, and Shocker has gained enough power to start their takeover of everything. They’ve even recruited their own Riders to their side. Now, before anyone questions why Baron, Sasword, and Dark Kiva are working for Shocker, I’d like to note two things:

TB: Okay, go ahead.

Silver: One, as shown in the Kamen Rider Brave side story, they could use Rider clones to do so, as Foundation X is the Heisei equivalent to Shocker. Two, may I remind you that each of these Riders have had a time where they were once villains. For Baron, it was towards the end of the series. King as Dark Kiva was where that counted. And finally, Sasword is actually (spoilers) a Worm whose mind was affected by the original Tsurugi Kamishiro, so Shocker could’ve easily just made him remember that he was a Worm and turned him to the dark side.

TB: And what about Ouja?

Silver: ...dude, you do realize Ouja is a total sociopath and was one of the main baddies of that series, right? Hell, he’s just as sadistic in Beast Rider Squad.

TB: Right. Anyway, back with Kiriko, she goes to Shinnosuke and asks him… why not stop the fighting? Uh, that’s a stupid question.

Silver: Is she REALLY implying to GIVE UP!? Kiriko, what the FAIZ?!? You realize that if you stop fighting, you’re letting Shocker win? This is not the Kiriko that I know! This is not the badass female cop who is just as competent if not more than Shinnosuke who all Rider girls should be compared to!

TB: No, not give up. She’s requesting something much more ridiculous. If she’s the one causing the time loop… then she’s the one who has to die.

Silver: O.o Wh-What?! That is absolutely preposterous!!

TB: No one’s dying anymore, they already found Shocker’s secret base and Shinnosuke asks Kiriko to make sure her brother doesn’t do anything reckless or stupid. And then we cut to Takumi thinking back on what he said to Gou while mourning those he lost, Kiba, Kusaka, everyone.

Silver: One thing I would like to mention… he mentions Mari among the names at some point, but Mari was still alive by the end of the series. Don’t worry, this’ll come into play later.

TB: Kaidou arrives again and warns him not to stick his neck out in the case, going further into saying that he should cherish life and basically… YOLO.

Silver: *facepalm* Really?

TB: In a nutshell, that’s what he says. Anyway, over to the warehouse set that’s used for a lot of Toku battles, this time it’s used as Shocker’s base.

Silver: I love how Shinnosuke just pops up and punches out one of the Shocker grunts. Man, these guys are weaker than Stormtroopers.

TB: They are just cannon fodder, what do you expect?

Silver: Touche. Regardless, they are able to sneak in, but Yongou shows up. Drive stays behind to fight against the Robo Rider, while Ouja, Dark Kiva, and Cheetah-Snail stop Faiz and Zeronos from advancing.

TB: Thus the fight begins, and the Riders have actually gotten stronger from all those times they lost… that we never got to see.

Silver: Drive is able to beat Yongou to a stand-still, but Yongou tells Drive that the stronger they become, the closer Shocker gets to world domination, before disappearing. Meanwhile, Faiz and Zeronos are able to dispatch the two evil Riders, before focusing on Cheetah-Snail. However…


Faiz: You’re next.

Cheetah-Snail: Oh, really? *motions his head towards a holo-screen that appears, showing Hiruchameleon and AriMammoth holding Gou and Kiriko hostage*

Silver: Oh sh*yay!*! They captured the Shijima siblings!

TB: Okay, when and how the hell did Shocker capture Kiriko and Gou?! This last part has cut a lot of stuff out that could’ve been useful in showing.

Silver: *shrugs* Ambush, I guess? Regardless, they basically hold them at ransom, saying unless they surrender, they will die.

TB: Faiz and Zeronos are seriously gonna let this happen while Sasword and Baron kick their asses?

Silver: However, Kiriko has finally decided… and… Oh god…


Kiriko: Gou… you should… live.

Gou: Nee-chan… Yamero!! (Stop!!)

Drive: Kiriko! *Kiriko then pushes Hiruchameleon before jumping off the tower to her death*

Gou: NEE-CHAN!!!

Silver: ...oh God… sh-she… *starts to tear up a bit*

TB: It is shocking to see her commit suicide for the greater good… but it was all in vain because time loops again.

Silver: Oh geez… so Kiriko wasn’t the culprit?

TB: Kiriko is not the one with the feelings strong enough to keep the broken machine going. Who’s the one with the feelings so strong that he wishes no death onto anyone?

Silver: It finally clicks to Shinnosuke who it is, as Yuuto appears to tell Shinnosuke that Takumi has vanished.

TB: Takumi is putting the pieces together as well. Turns out that Takumi Inui himself is the one who is inadvertently activating the machine to loop over and over again… wow, now they’re using Takumi’s own feelings against him and the world. Those bastards!

Silver: It’s explained that Faiz did indeed die at the end of the ambiguous ending that his series gave. However, thanks to the History Alteration Machine, he was brought back and all of his other friends died instead, including Mari.

TB: Wow, I’m glad I didn’t watch Faiz then. Wouldn’t wanna watch a season where everyone dies at the end, including our main heroes.

Silver: It is a dark series, but I would like to watch it at some point. Though… this would explain why we got such a weird retcon for Kusaka’s death in KR Taisen. This must mean the History Alteration Machine was in operation during Gaim’s run, or hell, even longer than that!

TB: So one of the most prominent Riders of the Heisei era has been dead for some time before he was brought back to life?

Silver: That’s the thing. In this time, he was never even dead the second time! The History Alteration Machine changed that! This has such major implications on not only this movie, but the entire Super Hero Taisen series as a whole! Hell, even the previous movies! All Riders vs. Dai Shocker, Movie War 2010, the Kamen Rider Wizard finale! This is big!!

TB: So this movie is somehow slightly connected to all of those big events that you just mentioned?

Silver: Every appearance Faiz has made past that finale… excluding the A.R. Takumi, of course… all of those appearances were because of the History Alteration Machine… that’s just… wow.

TB: ...I give this movie credit for shaking up the whole timeline, storyline, and even mythos of Kamen Rider and everything about Takumi’s character. Hell, this isn’t even a Gekijouban film!

Silver: And Pika said this movie was pointless. Bull. Sh*yay!*t.

TB: It’s like in comic books. Even a stand alone issue can have serious repercussions and shake up things for the future.

Silver: We then reach the sad truth. If the History Alteration Machine is destroyed… Takumi will have died 10 years ago. Luckily, Gou will never have been killed. Thus, Takumi accepts his fate to save not only time itself and the world, but Gou’s life. Okay… I’m only gonna say this once. F*yay!*. Kamen. Rider. Taisen.

TB: Why do you say that?

Silver: This movie does everything so much better for Takumi’s character than that movie ever could! It’s not the worst thing in the world, but Kamen Rider Taisen is still a terrible movie.

TB: So that’s how they tie up loose ends from KRT? That Takumi is the product of alternate history?

Silver: Yep. And it works. It actually works in this context. People may sh*yay!*t on the Super Hero Taisen movies for being awful, but if GP and this movie have shown us anything, it’s that there may be hope for Chou Super Hero Taisen actually being pretty decent. Anyways, Gou decides to take a picture of all of them, even if it will get erased when the timeline is restored.

TB: Thus, it is time for the final battle to begin. Takumi says his death won’t be a tragedy, but a happy ending for himself and the world to be at peace.

Silver: With Shinnosuke agreeing as that is what Kamen Riders do! And thus… it’s time…


*Shinnosuke and Gou pull out their Shift Car and Signal Bike while Yuuto pulls out his card and Takumi opens his phone, before closing it to transform*

Shinnosuke, Gou, Takumi, & Yuuto: Henshin!! *All four activate their transformations*






Silver: Oh hell yeah!! It’s go time!!

TB: It’s glorious Rider action that you’ve come to expect. I think this movie works well because of the downgraded cast. Unlike the large cast of Riders in GP, the focus is mainly on these four and it works to its advantage.

Silver: And even in GP, they focused on only two plots, that being Yuuto, Gou, and Kuroi for one plot and Shinnosuke for the other, far compared to the other movies where there was so little focus.

TB: True. Faiz goes to take care of the machine while Drive fights Yongou in another big battle. This time, Drive morphs to Type Formula to gain an edge. Now it’s time to take the fight to the sky with Sky Cyclone vs. Booster Tridoron!

Silver: Meanwhile, Faiz takes out Hiruchameleon before finally making it to the History Alteration machine, where we see the Great Leader of Shocker himself on a holo-screen.

TB: Also, Kaidou, who was in cahoots with Shocker before he turns into the Snake Orphenoch to fight Faiz. While that’s going on, Mach defeats Cheetah-Snail with Dead Heat while Zeronos beats AriMammoth.

Silver: Pretty badass finishers, too. Meanwhile, Booster Tridoron is under attack from more planes, but Deneb comes in to assist using the ZeroLiner… and the two actually COMBINE!! Holy crap, that is amazing!! Sure, it’s more Tridoron sits on top and shoots tires, but it’s still pretty amazing!

TB: Sky Cyclone also combines with TWO SHOCKER PLANES!! Sweetness!!

Silver: This is just plain intense! Booster Tridoron, with the power of the ZeroLiner, is able to slam right through the Sky Cyclone to finish that Rider Machine off!

TB: Yongou, I hope you’re insured.

Silver: Mach and Zeronos are then fighting our four Dark Riders, as Zeronos goes Zero Form for the two Riders to finish these guys off! Enjoy your hell, boys! I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.

TB: I was gonna save an Eternal reference for Yongou, but okay.

Silver: Anyways, we see endgame with Yongou and Drive, and we get this…


*Drive and Yongou Rider Kick each other in mid-air, clashing as things go into slow-mo for a second.

Drive: You have no right to call yourself a Kamen Rider! *Drive then kicks up, injuring Yongou’s leg, before going back in for a Rider Kick*

Yongou: RIDER PUNCH!! *punches Drive’s Rider Kick causing an attack clash* THIS POWER IS NOTHING!!

*Drive grunts and roars as he flicks Shift Formula up 5 times to increase the power*


Belt-san: =This is bad! If you accelerate anymore, we’ll explode!=

Drive: I don’t care! That’s what Kamen Riders do! *starts to gain more power against Yongou*

Belt-san: = OK! Then I’ll accompany you! = *Drive flicks Shift Formula three more times*


*Drive then kicks right through Yongou, causing the Rider to explode as he lands, before standing up*


Silver: Drive just supercharged himself to the point of nearly killing himself and completely obliterated Yongou!! No remains left! Hoo boy, that was insane!

TB: Awesome moments like this is why I say Tokusatsu is like live action anime!

Silver: Meanwhile, we have Faiz against the Snake Orphenoch, friend against friend, and we realize the reason Kaidou is doing this is because he’s sick of people dying. Admirable, but he has to face facts that everyone dies.

TB: It’s sad, but it is the truth. Death is shown as many ways in media. As a friend, as your opponent, as an inevitability, as merciful. This one says that death is a release for a tortured soul to be at peace.

Silver: And so, in a very depressing moment, Faiz is forced to defeat his friend, dealing one final Exceed Charge before Kaidou passes away in his arms. But now… it’s time to finish this.

TB: He gets ready to shoot the machine before the Great Leader reveals himself via holo-screen.


Great Leader: I cannot believe you made it this far. *removes his hood to reveal…*

Silver: O.o

TB: What the hell? ...TAKUMI!?! 0O0

Silver: Wait… the Great Leader was copying Takumi’s appearance and powers this whole time?! Well… that equally made sense and came out of Faizing nowhere!

TB: But why!? Why does he have Takumi’s appearance!? Why is he relying on Takumi’s fear of death to conquer the world?! Why does he think Takumi is so damn important?!

*clip from DBZA*


Silver: Normally, I’d try and piece this together, but I’m just gonna say Toku logic. My theory is making the History Alteration Machine latched on to a part of Takumi’s spirit, which is why his timeline was altered, and thus the Great Leader’s spirit inside the History Alteration Machine took on the appearance of Takumi. Still, that’s just me piecing it together.

TB: This is some Total Recall crap going on here. Anyway, Takumi delivers the final shot to the Great Leader before he can restart the time loop again, destroying their plans and everything going back to the beginning. Shinnosuke waking up and Kiriko telling him to get to the movie theater cuz he’s late.

Silver: And we see that Gou is still alive, the timeline is restored, and no more time loops. Whew… that’s a relief. For a second there, I thought we’d have to call the Time Factory.

TB: Shinnosuke does meet Yuuto as he’s running and even gives him the picture that Gou took… except no Takumi in there.

Silver: It’s a shame, but I think it’s for the best. Rest in Pizza, Takumi Inui, Kamen Rider Faiz.

TB: Allow me to quote something from William Shakespeare, because it feels more befitting when saying goodbye to a character that a lot of people have known and stuck with for so long. *clears throat* Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Silver: Well said, TB. Anyways, our heroes then hear there’s another disaster afoot, and thus it’s back to action once again, all the while Kaidou watches them. And that was Kamen Rider Yongou, or should I say “the Kamen Rider movie that retconned one (possibly 2) really bad Taisen movies.”

-The Good-

TB: Let’s get this out of the way first… the whole twist involving Takumi Inui, aka Kamen Rider Faiz. It turned out that for all these years since Faiz’s end, his appearances were the product of alternate history and he was the inadvertent tool in Shocker’s evil scheme. If that doesn’t give you an emotional gut check, then I don’t know what will.

Silver: Tying into this, I love that this gives closure on Faiz’s story as a whole, as well as tying up the GP saga in a nice little bow. This really did feel like a three-act story to a three-act story, which started with Ninninger vs. Drive and GP.

TB: The action was also pretty good, par for the course. Everyone contributed in a cool way and I liked the fights with Kamen Rider Yongou himself.

Silver: I also think the Time Loop reset works great for this story. Sure, it doesn’t make sense most of the time, but considering Shocker made a machine to bend space-time to their will, it doesn’t really matter. It was their rules, not the Riders. Anyways, as many of you know, I’m a fan of time elements in media, and this definitely worked out really good. Far better than that other thing I reviewed on this channel… *glares at a picture of Starlight Glimmer*

TB: Easy, Silver. I thought you said she got better.

Silver: I’m still sour about that finale, though… -_-

TB: At least Starlight is not on the same level as #F*ckNicoSaiba.

Silver: Yeah, at least she’s actually somewhat likable compared to that waste of space.

-The Bad-

Silver: Okay, I don’t have too many things to complain about, but I will admit I think they dropped the ball with Yongou. I get that it’s supposed to be a jet pilot mixed with a Kamen Rider, but it just looks baggy and kinda ugly. Also, for this movie being called Kamen Rider Yongou, he barely shows up in it. He only had three major fight scenes, those being facing against Drive, Zeronos, and Faiz, the first rematch with Drive, and the final battle. Seriously, such wasted potential, Toei.

TB: I don’t really have much to complain either. Though I will admit, I’m very confused about the whole ‘Great Leader is Takumi’ thing. Is it supposed to be like the Shadows in Persona? Is like an alternate universe version of Takumi (not like in Decade, but still)? Did Shocker do so much research about Faiz’s events that the Great Leader decided to mimic Takumi’s appearance for a mind game? It’s bugging me and I doubt there’s gonna be a clear answer for it.

Silver: Agreed. Also, they have been building up hints as to what’s up with this Faiz Signal Bike, and… we get nothing. Okay, movie, you’ve done good by me, but seriously, why the Faiz would you give such a cop-out like this?! Regardless, it was a pretty good movie overall.

-Final Thoughts-

Silver: Overall, Kamen Rider Yongou is a great way to wrap up Super Hero Taisen GP. It gave us some great interactions between characters, amazing fight scenes, and an overall compelling story. Thus, this movie gets a rating of A+ from me! Go watch this movie. Though, maybe watch GP first.

TB: I liked this movie for the compelling plot, jarring moments, the action, the twists and turns it took, and it exceeded my expectations as well. I give it an A+ as well.

Silver: Anyways, I guess that wraps things up for the Super Hero Taisen movies… at least until Chou Super Hero Taisen. Though, with how these movies came out, I’m actually optimistic for that movie.

TB: Same here. Can’t wait for when it gets subbed. So stay tuned to my channel for more Super Hero Time Corner and even future reviews that I’m planning for the Uchuu Keiji Next Generation Trilogy. Would you like to join me?

Silver: Sure, I guess. It’d be interesting to say the least. Get us prepared for Space Squad. Though… it feels weird…

TB: What?

Silver: We usually fight a monster or evil Rider in these, yet nothing bad has happened…

TB: Shouldn't that be a good thi-?


*Suddenly, Silver gets shot by something*

Silver: Oof! ...I spoke too soon.

TB: Holy hell! ...Okay, who is it this time? Is that you again, Saban?!

*TB and Silver look over, seeing a gold time-themed Rider wearing a Lost Driver with a gold C Gaia Memory in it*

Silver: Wh-What the-? Kamen Rider Chronos?

TB: But he doesn’t look like an Ex-Aid Rider.

Silver: No, no, the fan Rider I made for my Kamen Rider/Super Sentai crossover fanfic. How the hell are you here?

Chronos: Imagination is a powerful thing, Silver Maxus. Don’t you realize?

Silver: Uh… no? I never watched ToQger.

TB: You told us the ‘how’. Now how about you tell us what the hell you’re here for.

Chronos: To fulfill my plans of resetting the world, of course! And it starts with you…

Silver: Sorry, but that ain’t gonna happen! *pulls out Sengoku Driver and Heisei Lockseed* TB, Ikuzo!

TB: Hell yeah! *pulls out Gokai Gun and Sword*

= DRIVE! =

*Silver places the Heisei Lockseed in his Sengoku Driver, before slicing the Lockseed to summon the Handle-Ken and Door-Juu, before charging at Chronos, who blocked with his dagger*

TB: Hmm… I don’t think these are enough. *tosses Gokai Gun and Sword away* Can you give me some cool weapons from that Lockseed?

Silver: They’re only temporary, but sure! *pulls out the Lockseed, before closing and opening it once again.


Silver: Catch! *throws the Lockseed and Driver to TB, who puts it on and activates it, summoning the Faiz Edge*

TB: ...I’ve always wanted my own lightsaber. Alright, you time monger… COME AT US, BRO!

*Chronos then growls before taking his Gaia Memory out of his belt and putting it in the Maximum Drive slot*


*Time suddenly stops for both TB and Silver, as Chronos does a roundhouse kick to their heads, knocking them to the ground*

Silver: Ow… that sucked.

TB: ...That’s unfair…

Chronos: ...I never play fair.

Silver: Damn… well, we’re gonna need to think fast. *suddenly, they hear a familiar sound, as the ZeroLiner comes in with the Ride Crosser on top of it*

Mach: *hops out of the Ride Crosser* Yo. Thought you could use a hand.

Silver: Yes!! Best Secondary Rider is here! :D

TB: Sweet! We need all the help we can get.

Deneb: Let me tell you this… our appearance was very random! *Zeronos appears with Deneb nearby*

Zeronos: Shut up, Deneb. Anyways, let’s finish this guy.

TB: We seem to attract a lot of Toku heroes, don’t we?

Silver: Yeah, it’s weird. Anyways, let’s do this!

Chronos: Onore… Onore, Kamen Riders!!

TB: Everybody together! *Faiz Edge lights up, as he pushes down on the knife lever of the Sengoku Driver*


Mach: Oh, hey, use this! *throws a Faiz Signal Bike to Silver* It’s what Takumi would’ve wanted.

Silver: Huh. Okay! *inserts the Signal Bike in the Handle-Ken*


*Chronos growls before running at TB & Silver, jumping up for a Rider Kick*

TB and Silver: HYAA!! *they both slash at Chronos, dealing an X-shaped energy attack at him, which knocks him back*

Mach: Our turn, eh?

Zeronos: Let’s do it. *inserts his Zeronos Card from his belt into his ZeroGasher in bowgun mode, while Mach puts his Signal Bike in his Zenrin Shooter.



*The two Riders then shoot at Chronos, causing him to explode*

TB: Yes! We did it! *However, he then sees something step out of the explosion, being a gold version of one of the Nejiranger from Megaranger* ...Oh you have got to be kidding me!

NejiGold: You can never defeat me! I am immortal!

Silver: Well, then, I guess I have no choice. Enjoy your KyuHell, sucker! *gets the Heisei Lockseed back from TB, opening it*


Silver: Uchuu Kita, Mother-Faizer. *summons a Rocket Module that shoots at NejiGold, sending him up and flying into the air, before he becomes a twinkle in the sky*

TB: And it’s good! Home run! *raises arms up*

Silver: Uh… that’s two different sports… whatever. We won’t be seeing him for a while. He’s probably in KyuHell by now.

TB: ...KyuHell?

Silver: It’s where we send the most evil of villains to put up with the worst torture in the world.


*Meanwhile in KyuHell, NejiGold is surrounded by a thousand copies of Lucky from Kyuranger, who are all repeating their “Yosha Lucky!” catchphrase*



TB: So, what now?

Silver: Guess we’d better finish off the review. Thanks for the help, guys.

Mach: Don’t mention it! See you later! *the two then leave on the ZeroLiner*

Silver: Well, that wraps things up. Next time, we’ll start up our reviews of the Kamen Rider Movie Taisen movies, which we’ll definitely have a much better time with. Until then, this has been the Radiant Rider, Silver Maxus…

TB: And the Lone Rider, TokuBrony… we’ll see you later. SEIYAA!!

Silver: Stand up the Vanguard!
Toku Rider Taisen Epilogue: Kamen Rider Yongou
Finally, I review my favorite movie in the Super Hero Taisen series, Kamen Rider Yongou. Special thanks to :iconanimetokubrony: for reviewing these with me. It was a lot of fun.
Hey, y'all! So, I'll be in Seattle this weekend for Sakura Con, so if you are going, maybe we'll end up meeting up. I'll be dressing up as Shotaro from Kamen Rider W this weekend, so be on the lookout for a man dressed up like a detective with a cool detective hat.



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